Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

APUPACK, located in Yuyao, China, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cosmetic and beauty packaging, especially supplying Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging.
Our product line includes: Acrylic Cream Jar, Acrylic Lotion Bottle, Airless Jar & Bottle, Airless Cosmetic Tube, Cosmetic Container, Cosmetic Compacts, etc. Our products’ quality is up to international standards, such as ISO9001.
We provide competitive, high quality solutions to your specific requirements all supported by excellent service and reliability, such as new durable mold development, injection molding, hot-stamping, silk screen printing, UV coating and assembly.

Cosmetic and Beauty Packaging OEM

Nowadays, our products have won good reputation at home and abroad with good quality. We not only take much more attention on QC, but also pay great attention to the communication with every client. We, as a professional producer, welcome OEM designs as far as we can. Our engineers and team offer innovative, stylish, and customizable designs based on our clients’ requirements and ideas. We would like to cooperate with every client with best possible quality and service. 

Manufacturing Process