Plastic Lotion Containers

l   Durability: Innovative appearance with functional application

l   MaterialEco-friendly, pollution-free and recyclable;

l   Color and Printing: Any colors and printings can be made;

l   Packing: Standard carton or special request can be made

l   Plenty of choices of pumps and caps, good sealing

l   MOQ:3000pcs for Each Capacity

Item Capacity Material Height(mm) Diameter(mm)
Outer Cap Inner Cap Disc Inner Jar Outer Jar
APG08 30g(1.0oz) PMMA ABS PE PP PMMA 53 78 
50g(1.8oz) PMMA ABS PE PP PMMA 55 85
120g(4.2oz) PMMA ABS PE PP PMMA 75 100
luxury personal care packaging
Item Capacity Material Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
Cap Outer Bottle Inner Bottle Collar
APR08 30ml ABS PMMA PP ABS 130 49
50ml ABS PMMA PP ABS 140 49
120ml ABS PMMA PP ABS 190 49
new cosmetics packaging printing

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